Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Been working on this new project with Endee Ahmad called FTP - Fell tu Penting. He came out with the name. It is a small community of singer songwriters organizing gigs, and other public performance related matter. Sharing between us is the word maybe. Been using this as an excuse to find new platform to play. This is stronger. More energy contributed.

Since Dec 2015 up until now. FTP is still up and running. Did most showcases at Minut Init art gallery & Kedai Sebelah. This year 2016, FTP have reach up to Cabana, Tioman Island and Kochi, Japan. I am hoping we can score more activities in within Malaysia, outside KL. Amin.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

FTP Jamming Session - 04 Feb 2016 - Merdekarya

The beauty of the jamming is what I am all about. It like water, fire, and all the natural causes. You give and you take, within than 5 minutes duration of the songs. The beauty when you start, sustain, and end the song. It sounds like we practiced.

The game is "to make it sound like we practiced"

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Songwriting is a therapy " - The Venopian Solitude

Knew Wani Ardy for ages. She is among few of them I met during that era, same as Yuna, Noh Hujan, Reza Salleh, Kokokaina or Zee Avi, and Najwa, and Mia Palencia. Something like this.

She is strong. 1) Because she organized Boco- its a huge deal, for her and her husband Syafiq. They managed to create team of poets/ writers/ and songwriters. Together they make the event success. I remembered went to Johor, a Metal gig, but over heard ppl are talking about Wani's Boco fest. Imagine that, Metal gig. Talking about Boco festival. 2) Because She wrote book, songwriter herself, a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur, and many more to comes.

Well she asked me one day about giving feedbacks what is music and songwriting means. To myself. 

coming up :)

2015/ Been jobless for 3 months. During this time did a lot of busking. Bored with busking outside, the noises kill you. Got this idea to look cafés instead.

Met Afiq Iqbal of Kedai Sebelah café in Kelana Jaya. One time buskingg, two times, then later ite gets regular till it come to the point we do posters and all. I thought my days were over, and getting to the end. But the whole experience in Kedai Sebelah has break a new thing to me. These younger energy.

There young energy, new sound, new style. I am learning big time here. Now I know how it feels like when Jasmin Low or Reza Salleh organizes gigs and all. It is not that easy. You have to think from begin to end. Actually pre-begin, because promotion and stuffs.

Thank you Afiq Iqbal. He is currently opening a new shop Kecil by Kedai at Bukit Damansara. Nice little chill place, in secluded place.

went to Foodsbury in Shah Alam, great place!

Met Ayu Zakaria, owner of Foodsbury. Invited me to play at her food place. Nice little place. Met the band Jaggfuzzbeats, which I totally dig. Scored lots of little open mics here and there. Open mic is good. You can test out new song, test the crowd, get feedbacks.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Publika Busking, at Merdekarya

Merdekarya has been helping out the singer songwriter a lot with the Publika busking. The finance support over this lubang is very important for the artist. Very generous of them. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Merdekarya, I love you.

Event in Kedai Sebelah is happening more and more. Tired but satisfying.

Monday, January 26, 2015


Apology for the sound. I still haven t got it studio recorded quality. But this is an attempt of making a video. Hope it is not too rough.

To be honest. I went to Pulau Perhentian just one time, with buddy Azhar Imran. He played drums for me for quite some time. Then he played bass for Hujan, Estranged, and many more. His idea is to chill sit back relax. And so we did. This song came out after the trip.

Perhentian is too relaxing for me. I can get carried away easily.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ku telan rasa with upgrade lyrics.

Did this song for Value of my Sanity, an indie movie by Goatfilms. This 2015, this song got pimped with more lyrics, and new arrangement. Some peeps loves the old version. But I like new. Deal with new hahhaha.

Deliver terrbaik. This is the moto of this song really. Even so ou feel shit. Never give up to make a power delivery when performs. Always.