Wednesday, February 11, 2015

coming up :)

2015/ Been jobless for 3 months. During this time did a lot of busking. Bored with busking outside, the noises kill you. Got this idea to look cafés instead.

Met Afiq Iqbal of Kedai Sebelah café in Kelana Jaya. One time buskingg, two times, then later ite gets regular till it come to the point we do posters and all. I thought my days were over, and getting to the end. But the whole experience in Kedai Sebelah has break a new thing to me. These younger energy.

There young energy, new sound, new style. I am learning big time here. Now I know how it feels like when Jasmin Low or Reza Salleh organizes gigs and all. It is not that easy. You have to think from begin to end. Actually pre-begin, because promotion and stuffs.

Thank you Afiq Iqbal. He is currently opening a new shop Kecil by Kedai at Bukit Damansara. Nice little chill place, in secluded place.

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